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Another of Harvester Seeds pillars is “Education”. We focus in supporting the development and/or acquisition of an educational curriculum and skills that provides employment capabilities to those who need it the most, the young generations within our communities.

After a missionary trip in 2013, the team at Harvester Seeds Foundation was deeply touched while visiting an orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico. The youth and teenagers who live at the orphanage, have been abused and abandoned by both their families and by society. Many of them were brought to the orphanage when they were younger after being found living in such heart-shattering situations as the pits of the city dump or in pigpens with animals. Sometimes they learn that their parents have died, other times they find out that their family members have gone away and never came back.

Together with Harvester Seeds Partners, we have embarked on a journey to raise the necessary funds and provide the required resources to build a vocational training center (VTC) for this orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico. The Casa Hogar Alegre Vocational Training Center’s mission is to provide students with business skills and the opportunity to obtain a certification in areas such as furniture making, carpentry, mechanics, plumbing and electricity. In turn, participants will be prepared to find decent jobs, earn appropriate incomes and thus becoming contributing members of their communities.

Since our team at Casa Hogar Alegre Orphanage has worked together with federal and local agencies to secure financial and human resources for the building construction, we need your help in securing additional resources to complete this project. Here are the completed phases of the construction plan:

  • 1st, Stage: Construction of stone wall that will serve to contain the fill and foundation base construction of the workshop.  Running time: 6 weeks
  • 2nd STAGE: Fill and firm ground with footings for the fence.  Running time: 4 weeks
  • 3rd, Stage: Construction of block walls and pillars, all in apparent finish, leaving the tops ready for the roof.  Running time: 3 weeks
  • 4th STAGE: Construction and placement of roof cover (zintro sheets), R 72, Cal 26, supported on Mon-ten 10 “ cal 10 and Mon-ten 4″ Cal 14.  Running time: 1 week
  • 5th STAGE: Construction of front drainage to receive the water and bring it to the street as well as exterior construction firm.  Running time: 2 weeks
  • 6th, STAGE: Installation of four gates of metal curtain Automated mechanism for easy opening and closing entries.  Running time: 2 weeks
  • 7th, STAGE: Installation of pipelines and power lines in three phases with a control panel and power in different areas of the building.  Execution time 2 weeks

Now, we need your help in achieving our next phase fundraising goals of $57,250 USD. These funds will provide students with class rooms, related furniture and materials, as well as with the much needed lab in which the students will experience “hands-on” the concepts they learn during their classes. If you are interested on supporting this project, please CONTACT US and we will provide you with the latest project progress report. You can also visit our GET INVOLVED page for more information on how you can volunteer your time and skills. Please help Harvester Seeds Foundation to make these students’ dream a reality.

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