Harvester Seeds Foundation’s third pillar is Training and Development. Here we focus on the delivery of programs, workshops and curriculum to equip undeserved areas and communities in order to perpetually improve their level of vocational skills and infrastructure. Equipped young individuals are the building blocks for a healthier and educated generation today, then have the fundamental ingredients of an innovative society for tomorrow.

We will provide life skills workshops such as:

    • Good body and dental hygiene
    • Recipe for making your own body soap, lotions, lip gloss, etc.
    • How to manage money
    • How to be a good future employee
    • How to be a good future husband/ wife
    • Others

If you are interested in becoming a Harvester Seeds Partner or want to become part of the Harvester Seeds Foundation team of volunteers who can facilitate these workshops and spread a word of encouragement and hope, please visit our GET INVOLVED page and complete our:

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